Where the Paranormal & Metaphysical Merry Meet

Blue Moon All Souls Festival & Hecate Ball
Sept 25-27, 2020

Come to where the Paranormal and the Metaphysical Merry Meet & Party Down


Blue Moon All Souls Festival and Hecate Ball will be providing an opportunity for the people of Tacoma, Seattle, Olympian and all those in between and beyond, to gather and enjoy the thrills of the paranormal and community of the paganism as we join together to celebrate “spirit”, within and all around, scientifically, philosophically, as experiencers, and as keepers. As the veil thins so will we find the common ground between these two and share our love and excitement for them with all who attend.
Stay tuned here and to our web page as we begin opening applications for speakers, presenters, and vendors.
Also stay tuned for event updates, event activities, and special guests.
And if you wish to volunteer, sponsor, support, or join in please feel free to contact our event coordinator and host Skeeter Welhouse at

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